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Industrial Machines & Materials
Power Transmission System

The common theme of the industrial world is to make FA(Factory Automation) a much higher
standard and build-up FMS(Flexible Manufacturing System) system.
A need for build-up of FMS which is determined by NC machine, industrial robot, unmanned
carrying equipment and computer for controller is rising rapidly by equipment of LAN,
introduction of CIM(Computer Integrated Manufacturing), and expectation of flexible
countermeasure and improvement of productivity for various items with a few quantity, high
efficiency and high speed.
We are well acquainted with the production field and users since we have a good command of
our network located at various places. We will promote to present and propose the commodities
to the industrial world, which expects more progress from materials, industrial parts,
furthermore until complete systems.

Coveyance parts Conveyance equipment Precision processing
Coveyance parts Conveyance equipment
Precision processing
Conveyor MotorPump Factory Machine
Conveyor MotorPump Factory Machine
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