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Industrial Machines & Materials
Power Transmission System

The unification of electronics and mechanics makes rapid progress day by day as a leader of
FA(Factory Automation), and is contributing to systematization which is found in FMS(Flexible
Manufacturing System), CIM(Computer Integrated Manufacturing), and CAD/CAM, moreover it
contributes to all industrial fields.
In today's era of technological innovation, R & D in high technological industry is observed by
various fields.Now the necessity of high technologic fusion is raised.
We have noticed of this from the start, and accumulated our experience by putting emphasis on
the qualitative evolution.
We further pursue boundless possibility of mechanics & electronics, and aim to expand its field.

Hydraulic Equipment Motor Control Pneumatic Equipment
Hydraulic Equipment Motor Control
Pneumatic Equipment
Electronic Control ValveJoint SensorSwich
Electronic Control ValveJoint SensorSwich
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